13 april 2020

The last period I completely focused on the production of the 24 Pound Guns. First I finished the parts of the carriages and put them together. As with the 32 Pound Guns, I have made extra parts so I can at least make a spare carriage.

There has been a lot of work in milling the axles. These are equipped with a steel ring at the end and this prevents the axles from splitting. Just like the 32 Pound Guns, I fitted my axles with a brass ring. Because I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the wheels on the carriages of the 32 Pound Guns, I made these from a different kind of wood and in a different way on length.


When milling the Guns, I always keep in mind one loser and a pair for a spare. So I started with 17 pieces of brass for milling the Guns. In the end I threw one away because it didn't meet my quality standards. I work with a Proxxon PD 230 lathe and for the production of 16 brass Guns I spent almost 60 hours behind the lathe.

At the start the piece of brass I started with weighed 144 grams and the Gun, as soon as it's ready, weighs only 33 grams each. So I have 77% waste per Gun. Of course this can always be done more efficiently, but now this is the way I work once. I refuse to work with CNC technology and 3D is completely out of the question for me.

In the end I have to conclude that running such a production with a PD 230 is actually too heavy for this machine. When I finished the production of the brass Guns, I had to disassemble the whole machine, clean it and fine-tune everything. Luckily the next Guns are a lot smaller, namely 12 pounds and the machine should be able to handle that.


Eventually the Guns can be placed on the carriages I then adjusted the 24 Pound Guns per hatch, fixed them and gave them a number. In the meantime, the 14 Guns have been moved to the other workshop to be fitted with a breeching and tackles. These are permanently placed and secured during the setting up of the Middle Deck. I did shoot a few extra pictures, Vic impresses with so many Guns.

So I had to make 14 24 Pound Guns and have one complete spare set over and one brass Gun. I put this one in oil today and handed it to the lady of the house. Then she can put it back in a separate showcase. The showcases have been ordered, including those for the 12 Pound Gun and Carronade.

So for the time being I've had enough of brass, etc..I'm more of a woodcutter anyway, so for the time being I'll leave the Brodie for what it is and go to work with the shutters, etc.. This blog for the 24 Pound Gun is now over. I've put some more pictures in this Blog and hope you like it.






28 march 2020

On the Middle Deck are 28 pieces 24 Pound Guns. These have a bore of 5,547 inch (140,9 mm) and weigh 5000 pounds (2250 kg). On the Middle Deck are 28 24 Pound Guns, so I have to make at least 14. First I started with the production of the carriages. The carriages of the 30 Pound Guns and the 24 Pound Guns are the same. So I could get the old drawings out again.

In the last two weeks I cut all the wood to size and started with the production of all the parts. Next week I'll start producing the brass guns on the lathe. In this blog you can follow the production of the 24 Pound Guns.