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12 september 2021


As with the start of the previous decks, I started by getting a good supply of wood.  Once this was in order, I could finally start fitting out "The Quarter Deck". Personally, I think this deck is the most beautiful deck of all and I already know that it will take me quite a long time to decorate it. As an extra, 'The Belfry', the rudder and 'The Binacle' have to be made. These I will show in separate blogs in the "Building Projects HMS Victory". In addition, the "Boom Deck" has to be fitted out and the frames are immediately raised to the correct height.


So the first job was to saw off the frames of the "Boom Deck". These have to be level with the deck beams after which they are covered with a "Sheer rail".  I made these from Ebony. Then I started to apply the grating beams. I deliberately deviated from the drawings for some of the beams. We decided to let the planking of this deck run to exactly the middle. The drawings indicate that some of the grating beams are on top of the deck planks and not on top of the deck beams. So I deliberately let everything rest on the deck beams now.


So last week I finally started planking the deck. This job will take a few more weeks, so I will report as soon as the deck has been planked.