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22 december 2019


Sometimes you have to have some luck as a modeller. My daughter and son-in-law sell kitchens and because they were going to redecorate the showrooms, old stuff was thrown away. Like a book with veneer sheets.... if I wanted it... what do you think?

Like I said before, I wanted the Lower Deck finished by the end of the year. In the past weeks I have been able to work on Vic and this morning I fixed the last ropes, double checked everything and the Lower Deck is now ready. Meanwhile I am already busy with the preparations of the Middle Deck.


There are now about 30 lanterns connected to the first power supply. This is about the maximum that a power supply can do. The lanterns of the Middle Deck and higher are connected to the 2nd power supply. I couldn't resist to make 2 short videos.
Happy days,

17 november 2019


In the meantime I have come to the section "Main Mast" where all the pumps are located. In the double deck beam a lantern has to be installed and that gives a lot of extra work. The cables are hidden between 2 half deck beams that are glued together. Before the upper half is glued to the deck beam, the operation of the lighting is first tested.



Before the rest of the deck construction "Middle Deck" could be installed, the control of the Chain Pumps had to be installed. I had already made some parts before, but now I could finally measure the length of the rods. After that everything was soldered on and the controls on the bow side of the Chain Pumps, after a little brushing, were put in place. The controls at the back will be applied next time.



The operation of the hatches shall also be fitted before the rest of the deck structure is fitted. I make the operation according to the real operation and use 3 "Rigging Blocks". When all the ropes are ready, the control is put together on a mould and this goes to the workshop. I connect the ropes, which are attached to the hatch, first to 2 ropes of 0.1 mm and then pull everything through the necessary holes. After that it is a matter of attaching everything, adjusting the hatch and securing it. The control can always be loosened so I can raise or lower the hatch a bit.



I now have to place three more cannons and make and install about 4 more hatch controls. Vic starts to look pretty impressive on the outside with all the guns in combat mode.



The rest of the deck construction has also been applied, everything has been sanded and cleaned again. The last part of the "Lower Deck" has also been put in the oil. I am now working towards the end of this year to be ready with the "Lower Deck".



Yesterday evening I have been busy with the cables for the last 2 lanterns to be properly laid and connected. At the end I tested everything and immediately took some pictures in the dark... Vic by Night!